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I’ve been offering my services to people of all ages in the Bath area since 1993.

I love helping each student reach their full potential, whatever their age, level, or ability.

Lessons take place at my house in Combe Down, or online via a Zoom-type video call.

Having taught solely online from March 2020 to August 2022 with fantastic results, I will be continuing to offer online lessons as an alternative.

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I welcome enthusiastic students of any age, from complete beginners to advanced players.

I really enjoy getting to know all my pupils individually. I've taught many from when they were little kids right through to them heading off to Uni. I love seeing them develop their potential over the years, both musically and as people. 

I find teaching adults a real pleasure too. Whether they are total beginners, have the urge to take piano up again after a 20-30 year gap, or want to focus on exams or anything else, I'm very happy to help.

I tailor lessons to suit each student, in a patient, friendly, empathetic and encouraging environment, 

I’ve taught several families for 10+ years, & often two or more members of the same family. Even as many as five!

We generally have a lot of fun and laughs along the way, though of course things are more serious when working on exams etc.

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I offer practical exams at all levels, up to and including Grade 8.

I currently mostly use MTB exam board (Music Teachers Board). I came across them during lockdown in 2020 and have been using them ever since. I continue to be increasingly impressed with them.

I now only teach Trinity and ABRSM very occasionally.

Over the decades I've put about 200 pupils through piano exams, with about 16% attaining a Distinction and 36% a Merit. This includes pupils of all abilities, and many adults.. who tend to get extremely nervous.

I've also had a few pupils take Trio and Duet exams, very successfully!

I have enjoyed working on ABRSM Jazz Piano Grades 1 & 2 with several students (kids and adults), though none have wanted to take an exam yet.

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If pupils don’t want to take exams that’s totally fine of course!

I have an eclectic taste in music myself and enjoy helping students with anything and everything including: classical music from all eras, “pop” songs, musicals, film and TV music, & working on their own compositions, even from a very young age.

I’m also happy to help students with GCSE & A level music.

I try to get my pupils involved in duets and trios – 6 hands, as soon as possible. They really help with good rhythm and listening skills, but most of all.. they’re such fun! I write a lot of my own duet and trio arrangements of pieces, songs etc for pupils, and regularly partner them myself, as well as teaming them up with each other.

Students have the opportunity to take part in at least one of our local competitive music festival each year, plus pupil concerts & other opportunities every now and then.

I’m extremely proud that many of my pupils have won classes in festivals over the decades.

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In 2009 I re-took ABRSM Grade 8, proving to myself that I could get distinction for it, which I didn’t manage as a teenager!

This was in preparation for taking my DipABRSM (Diploma of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) in 2010. This is an equivalent level to that reached at the end of the first year of a Music Degree.

Since 2009 I've been on many piano courses with highly respected tutors, found a more advanced teacher for regular lessons, & have had several master classes with Andrei Gavrilov: Russian International Concert Pianist. 

I passed my Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (LRSM) in 2013. (Equivalent level to that achieved at the end of the 3rd year of a Music Degree)

Now I'm very gradually working on the final level of music diploma... FRSM (Fellowship of the Royal Schools of Music), which is the equivalent level to that achieved in a Masters Degree.

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I’ve played and loved the piano from the age of 6 &1/2 and over the decades I’ve enjoyed being involved in all sorts of things (drama clubs, shows, two local rock bands etc.) as accompanist, musical director and pianist/keyboard player.

Having originally trained as a Piano Tuner/Repairer I fell into teaching in 1993, during 11 years working as a pianist for a local dancing school.

Parents there kept asking me if I taught, and eventually after one dance Mum told me she couldn’t find a piano teacher for her two girls, who were desperate to learn, I decided to give it a try.

I’m naturally patient and empathetic, and had taught people to ride horses and other things previously, so found that I fell into the role better than I’d expected, and also that I absolutely loved it!

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I still really enjoy accompanying, although I don't have time to do much these days.

In recent years I've had a lovely time accompanying an adult lady taking grades 6 and then grade 7 Baritone horn, and also playing for some Ballet exams.

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Rehearsals, festivals & concerts over the years..

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Combe Down, Bath, BA2 5PP

01225 837468

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